About me

live as if it was your last day


I am Daniela, born and grown up in Switzerland. I moved to the Netherlands on my 25th (yes, love was the reason).

I worked as a social worker  with refugees and young offenders (behavioral trainings), was hiking for years as a tourleader for Dutch trekkingcompanies in Nepal and Central Asia and right now I am working as policy maker on social issues like poverty reduction, addiction, homelessness and dementia with a local government in a provincial Dutch town of 85.000 inhabitants. Since september 2016 I study (parttime) at the Fotoacademie in Amsterdam.

I love travelling, am interested in different (sub)cultures and inspired by social and environmental issues. The misery in the world concerns me regularly but on the other hand does the resilience of people and nature just as often encourage me.

The preference in my photography work goes to (longterm) reportages and journalistic-like projects. Beside that I like capture what I experience on my travels (unfortunately less often than I used to do).

By sharing what I see and experience, I like to inspire you and hope you enjoy my photographs and short stories. Of course I also accept assignments. Next to the above mentioned specialisms I do company photography reports, social events and  photographs for diverse PR purposes such as leaflets, brochures, websites and I would LOVE to work for NGO’s in the Netherlands and abroad (based on a cost-recovery fee). So don’t hesitate to contact me with any request (please use the form under contact or mail me on danielaniderost@hotmail.com)!