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Sardinia – Sardegna in Italian – is a large island in the Mediterranean to the west of Italy. It has a mountainous interior and a famed coastline with turquoise waters. With three international airports and ferries from mainland Italy, it is a very accessible tourist destination. The island has a long and intriguing history, and is dotted with interesting archaeological sites. In the Bronze Age the island was populated by an enigmatic people who built nuraghi – stone towers – across the island, along with palaces, sacred wells and other structures. Many remain, as ruins, and the importance of these sites is recognised with a UNESCO World Heritage listing. The mountains inland, difficult to conquer and offering little to invaders, have a reputation as untouched pockets of ancient culture and tradition.

I travelled the North, from Alghero, a wonderful city to spend a few days before starting your roundtrip. The city is also know as ‘little Barcelona’.I had a (hotel)room in a monastery in the middel of the old town. Have a drink on the townwall, seeing the sun go down in the Mediterranean, walk along the beach or the harbour. The far North, with the great coastline near Santa Teresa and views on Corsica, are great for walking. And on one ot the turquois beaches of Cala Ganone you imagine yourself on a tropical beach. Don’t forget to take some lunch and a bottle of wine!